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Fast, Fluid, & Flexible

Production Collage

Media Vision offers award-winning customized video production services to its corporate, business and broadcast customers from its base in Lexington, Kentucky.

Whether it is a training video, sales and marketing tape, DVD video production or streaming video over the Internet, Media Vision creates effective video production programs that deliver the best message to any audience.

From Mobile, Broadband, and HD Broadcast delivery, we specialize in producing quality Sales, Marketing, and Training videos. Each video production is custom-made and suited to the exacting needs of our customers.

Our clients include the health-care, telecommunications and high technology industries. Our expertise lies in making it our business to understand your business.

Mobile Shoot
Studio Prep
At Media Vision, we begin the video production process by analyzing your message and critically identifying your audience. We want to make sure that you utilize the full impact and the full power of video.

Call our executive producer, Jeff Jacobs today for a free - no obligation - quote on your next video production project. You will be talking to a video expert with 22 years of award-winning experience in the television industry.

A well-developed script is our canvas and an artfully-handled camera is our paint brush. Let us craft you an award-winning masterpiece.